Renewable Energy

Every day more Californians make the choice to take back their power by switching to solar energy.  With all the programs, incentives, and rebates available to qualified homeowners, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.  Stephen Griffin Construction, Inc. implements installation methods and materials that can help you save hundreds on your energy bills, as well as providing protection to your roofing system. Green energy is gaining popularity at a fast rate, and solar is one of the best eco-friendly options for homeowners. A solar panel is a group of electrically connected solar cells, enclosed in a frame, which converts sunlight into electricity.

Solar Panel Roofing

Solar panels can provide substantial amounts of energy for your home. In fact, they can save you up to 30% on your energy cost. Solar panels have made huge strides in recent years, and are safer, cheaper, and more productive than ever. These panels are easily installed on many types of residential roofs, and last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance. They are incredibly durable and can stand up to all types of weather and temperatures while providing reinforced protection to your roofing materials. Not only can solar panel roofing offer savings on energy costs, but you may also be eligible to receive a Federal income tax credit.

Your Solar Panel Installation

Solar roofing should be installed by an experienced roofing professional because of the placement guidelines, handling perils, and the importance of proper attachment. Stephen Griffin Construction, Inc. will work with you to discover your individual needs and discuss all of your solar panel options. We provide details concerning product cost, durability, and lifespan to ensure you get the exact product you’re looking for. SGC, Inc. team provides flexible scheduling for convenient installation that doesn’t wreck your schedule. We inspect your roofing system to identify weaknesses or damage that need attention prior to installation and provide roof repair and solar panel installation in one easy service.

New Solar Roofing Options

There is more than one way to save the energy within your home or business. Technological advances have made it possible for homeowners and business owners to have a multitude of options when it comes to being environmentally conscious and saving money on energy.

New Radiant Barriers

Today many homeowners are trying to save money on energy while reducing their carbon footprint, manufacturers have been pressured to develop new ways of saving energy. One breakthrough ways to reduce the heat transfer from your roof to your attic is by applying a radiant barrier. Though these products have been around since the 1950’s, popularity for the product has had its ups and downs. However, with new advances in technology, radiant barriers are more durable and cost-effective than ever.

10 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels

1. The concept of harnessing energy from the sun is not new.
The first to predict it might become a reality was Leonardo da Vinci, in the 15th century. The first solar cell was developed in the 19th century, but its solar efficiency was only 1%.

2. Solar energy is completely free and renewable.
Once the initial solar panel costs are covered, you will not need to spend a cent on the electricity they produce. Moreover, you will reduce your carbon footprint by using solar energy, since it is totally green and renewable.

3. What are they made of?
Solar panels contain solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, made of semiconductors (such as silicon) that convert sunlight into electricity. When light hits the cells, the electrons are separated from their atoms and flow through the cell, thus generating electricity.

4. There are two types of solar panels.
Photovoltaic (solar PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity, while solar thermal panels heat water by absorbing the sun’s warmth, and can be used to heat homes or swimming pools.

5. The initial cost.
The cost of installing solar panels is not to be overestimated, because even though prices are high the payback period is quite short due to the savings on electricity bills and government aids. Homes equipped with solar panels sell faster and at a higher price than those without.

6. Maintenance.
Once installed, almost no solar panel maintenance is required. You will only have to make sure they’re clean and not shaded by anything. A tilted roof will require less cleaning since rain helps remove dirt. Additionally, solar panels have a very long lifespan. They carry a standard 25-years warranty but can last up to 30-40 years.

7. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work.
Even though maximum efficiency is reached when the sun is shining, electricity is still produced on cloudy days and during winter. On the other hand, no electricity can be produced at night, but a storage system can solve this problem. The solar battery storage system cost can be paid off by selling excess energy to the national grid and by the benefit of making you 100% energy independent. You should still consider that solar panels produce free electricity during the day, which is when it is more expensive and hence more valuable.

8. Potential issues.
Prior to installing solar panels, you should consider the shape and inclination of the roof and the location of the house itself. In order to obtain the best annual performance, the roof should be facing south at a 30 degrees angle, approximately. These are not strict requirements, since solar panels also work in different settings, as long as the installation is free of shadows between 10am and 4pm. It is important to keep the panels far from bushes and trees for two reasons: they might shade the installations and the branches and leaves may scratch the surface, lowering their performance. Excessive exposure to wind and rain may also degrade performance, in the long term, so shelter from the wind should be considered when evaluating placement.

9. The technology is versatile.
Solar panels can be used on any type of building, road, bridge, and even spacecraft and satellites. Solar energy is making its way into all aspects of life: lightweight, portable panels are already present on solar blinds for your windows and small devices like phone chargers.

Moreover, next-generation cars and boats are updating to solar. Large, empty areas are increasingly being used to host solar farms. The largest one is located in the Mojave Desert in California, and it generates 90% of the world’s commercially produced solar power.

10. Permissions.
You will not need to apply for planning permission to install solar panels domestically, as long as your installation does not protrude more than 200mm. You will, therefore, need permission if your system is too large, or for other reasons such as placement within protected sites.

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