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With over a decade of heating and air conditioning experience, we have earned the trust of thousands of homeowners just like you. We specialize in a variety of system installations for both residential and commercial applications, including gas/electric split systems, heat pump split systems, gas/electric package units, heat pump package units, mini-splits, ductwork, and water heaters.

Air Conditioning
During the summer months its important to maintain your Air Conditioning units. Our technicians are here to help you no matter the problem.

Keeping your self warm during winter is something you want. Let us give your furnace a tune-up before it gets too cold.

Having an up to date thermostat can save you time and money. Our technicians have a wide knowledge of what best fits your home.

Air Quality
Having clean air in your home is always important. Our team can determine what is the best solution for you.

Doing preventative maintenance is a good way to keep your air conditioning from breaking unexpectedly. Let us keep your equipment in top-notch shape all year.

Ventilation Repair
The ductwork throughout your home is not something you think about too often. It is still important to check up on it. Let us give you peace of mind about your home’s ventilation.

Stephen Griffin Construction, Inc. has years of experience and capable of handling any job. If your home or office is getting too hot and you need help, feel free to contact us anytime.


Even if your air conditioning unit is still working, depending on the type of system in your home today, you could recoup your investment in a new system in as little as three years. However, that doesn’t mean that your system needs to be replaced. Furnaces, air conditioners, and other heating and cooling systems have made tremendous gains in efficiency over the past five years, so if you have an older unit, it is worth taking a look at whether or not a repair is the best investment.

Sometimes a heating and air conditioning system just needs to be repaired rather than completely replaced. You may need air conditioning repair services if there is leaking around the outside unit, the air coming into the house isn’t hot or cool enough, the unit is short-cycling or constantly turning on and off, using the system is consistently resulting in higher-than-normal energy bills, or if there is excessive noise during startup and operation.

While there’s nothing you can do to guarantee your air conditioner or furnace will never need repairs, there are ways to take better care of your system. Changing out the air filters every 3-6 months, making sure nothing is obstructing or interfering with the outside unit, and keeping all vents unblocked in well-used rooms will help keep your air conditioning and heating system operating efficiently.

Yes. You should expect to pay a diagnostic fee to cover the cost of the technician’s visit, the diagnosis of your air conditioner’s problem, and a quote for the repair options. You will be advised of the issue along with recommended options to correct it, which may include a system replacement if your unit is old or significantly damaged. If you decide to replace the system, the diagnostic fee will be credited toward your replacement purchase.

Yes. We can handle all of your heating and cooling repair needs including service for your furnace, air conditioner, mini-split, heat pump, air handler, or boiler.

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HVAC Repair

When your system stops working you can count on SGC, Inc. team to diagnose and fix the problem – FAST!

Fresh air is good for the mind as for the body.

HVAC Maintenance
Seasonal tune-ups can help identify potential issues increase energy efficiency and extend the life of your system request an appointment today